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  • CFOs Now Monitor Clinical Outcomes and Quality as much as Finances

    10/8/2014 | Tom Klopack

    hospital-adminBecker’s latest article on hospital CFOs and what they are starting to measure is interesting. With the increasing focus on quality measures and the financial incentives and penalties associated with them, this seems to be long overdue.

    Readmission penalties pneumonia, heart attack, and heart failure — all expensive conditions — were applied to over 2,000 hospitals this year. In 2015, COPD and total hips and knees join the list.

    HCAHPS has been a measure of patient satisfaction tied to increasingly larger reimbursement penalties and incentives. Soon measures of doctor satisfaction will become significant, too.  What is surprising about the article is not that CFOs are now looking at these measures along with normal purely financial measures like cash flow, but that it has taken so long. With the average hospital making single digit percentage profits, if any profit at all, these payments are significant to the bottom line. Continue reading

  • You Forgot This in Your Patient Satisfaction Improvement Project

    9/17/2014 | Tom Klopack

    nurse-patient-empathyA recent article in Healthcare Global titled “9 Things Health Care Professionals Can Do to Improve Patient Satisfaction” is timely and relevant given the growing focus on patient engagement and satisfaction by providers, particularly hospitals. The benefits of more satisfied patients directly affect CMS reimbursements, and contribute to the dual business benefits of attracting new patients and then retaining them.

    Numerous studies have also shown that more satisfied patients are more engaged and have less readmissions. This is another strong cost driver for hospitals. And finally, providers who have more satisfied patients overwhelmingly do better financially. So the motivation is there for hospitals to focus on patient satisfaction. Continue reading

  • Solution Design: Customized to your organization to deliver maximum results

    9/3/2014 | Lisa Romano

    doctor-businessToo often the term “cookie cutter” is used as part of an approach to software implementation.  While a cookie cutter delivers a consistently shaped product over and over, it also only serves a purpose around the holidays and on an assembly line.

    In the hospital setting, a cookie cutter approach can be dangerous.

    When the cookie cutter doesn’t align with the organization’s strategic objectives it can significantly disrupt the hospital, and not in a good way.

    Any implementation must be customized to support solid clinical workflows. When this occurs, software, especially patient engagement technology, becomes a strong enabler that enhances workflows and can improve outcomes. Continue reading

  • Registration Now Open for 8th Annual Skylight Client Conference

    Registration is now open for Skylight Client Conference 2014 at Hotel del CoronadoSkylight’s 8th Annual Client Conference. The conference will take place Oct. 13 – 15, 2014 at the Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego and brings together leaders from some of the nation’s most respected and progressive acute care, specialty, academic, and pediatric hospitals. You can register here. Continue reading

  • From Chicago: The Patient Experience Conference

    Beryl PX2014Today the Patient Experience Conference will come to a close. It will end with a keynote from Brian Boyle. I saw Brian speak about three years ago at another conference, so I can say with confidence that it will be an inspiring end to an inspiring and motivational two and half days.

    So much has been covered at the conference this year, it would be impossible for me to summarize it all and give true justice to the conference in one blog post. What I can do is share with you a few of the big lessons, inspiring messages, and action items I have gathered so far. Continue reading

  • More Patients Will Look at Online Hospital Reviews

    3/5/2014 | Tom Klopack

    patients-researchIt may seem like conversations around HCAHPS has become a broken record. The importance of these scores and other patient satisfaction results has not faded. Unfortunately, some hospitals don’t understand or acknowledge the impact these scores can have on their bottom line.  This is yet another reason that hospitals need to think about what’s next. And what is next, is patients looking up hospitals and checking out reviews – just like they do now with restaurants, hotels, salons, car repair shops and mechanics, smart phones, and more.

    Hospitals are well-positioned to think about and plan for this future today. Patients are reporting their experiences and the results are easily available on the Internet. Hospitals that have ignored the inevitable or are still waiting to see what was going to happen in the courts, now need to play catch-up in order to be competitive and sustain operations. This is especially important for hospitals in highly competitive markets. Continue reading

  • Video Conferencing Can Improve Patient Satisfaction

    icareconnectLet’s be honest. Hospitals are both way behind and far ahead when it comes to technology. The work being done around health information exchanges, interoperability and mHealth tools are some great examples of how healthcare is on the cutting-edge of technology.

    And, then there is the other side. There are hospitals that still push paper and don’t use electronic records. Ironically, many of the people working with, and in, such archaic systems and processes probably have a smartphone, have heard of video conversation tools like Skype, or have participated in a video conference.

    Patients are no different. They’ve used the same technology. They have smartphones. They email. They Skype. They stay connected to friends and family through technology.

    If such conveniences are so easily available in everyday life, why aren’t they used in the hospital when people most need to feel connected to loved ones? Continue reading

  • The Patient Experience of a New Mom Part 1

    1/15/2014 | Susan Simoes

    baby boyFor more than four years I’ve worked in healthcare learning about HCAHPS and the importance of the patient experience. Four months ago, for the first time in my life, I was the patient. And I have gained a whole new perspective.

    In August I gave birth to a healthy baby boy. It was my first pregnancy and my first hospital stay since my own birth, many, many years ago. I want to start out by saying overall my patient experience was fantastic. The nurses were amazing and I felt that the baby and I were in good hands. The birth didn’t go as planned and things got scary there for a little while but in the end the baby and I were fine, healthy and that’s all we could ask for.

    That being said, there were elements of my experience that could have been vastly improved. Some things I felt exemplified poor communication between doctors, staff and the most important person in the mix — me, the patient. Continue reading

  • The Problem with Patient Satisfaction Surveys

    9/25/2013 | Jim Darnell

    hcahps-survey-shotRecently, HealthLeaders magazine published an article about the patient experience and how hospitals are collecting the voice of the patient to get a better understanding of the patient experience. The article provides some great ideas and real-world examples of organizations going beyond HCAHPS to measure patient loyalty through additional survey measurements like Net Promoter. It is an excellent example of shifting hospital priorities and the overall changes in the delivery of care. It also provides some good ideas about creating a culture and environment specifically designed to optimize the patient experience. It is worth a read, for sure.

    Net Promoter, which is used across industries, is designed to measure customer loyalty and is increasingly being used by hospitals to measure patient loyalty. HCAHPS measures patient satisfaction in specified areas only, not necessarily their feelings about the overall experience. Continue reading

  • Health Education Made Easy: One Hospital’s Story

    6/19/2013 | Shelley Rapp

    By: Shelley RappHealth Dashboard

    While I was doing rounds in the bariatric unit of a Midwest hospital, I asked the clinical supervisor how the patient dashboard was working out for the patients. She then told me the story of a patient that got excited when he discovered his patient dashboard. Continue reading