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  • Readmission Reimbursements Changes You Need to Know About

    10/22/2014 | Tara Plappert

    Oct. 1 marked the beginning cms reimbursement penaltiesof CMS’s fiscal year 2015 and begins changes to the readmission penalty program. The penalty for excess readmissions increases to 3 percent and two more conditions were added to the program: COPD and total hip arthroplasty/total knee arthroplasty. Continue reading

  • Highlights from the 8th Annual Skylight Client Conference

    10/16/2014 | Tara Plappert

    cc2014-bannerYesterday, the 8th Annual Skylight Client Conference came to a close. It was another year of great discussion, high energy and extreme passion. Clearly, patient engagement is not a passing fad or the latest buzzword. It is part of the new way care is being delivered.

    It was also great to catch up with clients and meet some of our new ones.

    And, of course, we had phenomenal speakers, too. Our keynote presenters and client presenters did an excellent job.

    Although, I wasn’t able to attend all the sessions, I wanted to share with you some of the takeaways I got from this year’s conference. Continue reading

  • Book Review: Twelve Patients: Life and Death at Bellevue Hospital

    patient-surgeryRecently I finished reading “Twelve Patients: Life and Death at Bellevue Hospital” by Eric Manheimer, MD. The emotional reactions and insights I experienced, I think, are worthy of sharing.

    Whether you are on the frontline delivering face-to-face care every day or working to support care delivery, this book is worth a read.

    Dr. Manheimer does an excellent job of combining the complications of healthcare with human compassion. Not only does he share information on the patients and the circumstances that brought them to his hospital, he also introduces readers to his employees. From the housekeeper to nurses, Dr. Manheimer brings the humanity of each person to the forefront. Continue reading

  • Clinical Super Users Key to Technology ROI

    clinical-nurse-trainingEveryone agrees nurses need to be informed when a new product and process is introduced. They need to be able to use it efficiently and effectively, support patient adoption and utilization, and provide on-going patient support.

    Introducing a new product and process into a hospital can be a challenge. One of the biggest is trying to set up a training program that will meet the needs of nurses. Continue reading

  • Interactive Platform Engages Patient and Saves the Day

    5/21/2014 | Amberly Orr

    inpatient-newUIOne of our new clients, Valley Medical Center just went live with Skylight’s new user interface. As part of the implementation process, we train all nurses on all units on how to use the system. We explain the benefits of Skylight’s platform, show the various ways it can streamline nurse workflow and answer any questions staff may have.

    Throughout training at Valley Medical Center there was one particular nurse that stood out to me. As I began to walk through the system with her, her eyes lit up and she said “This is just wonderful! We have a particularly difficult patient on my unit who will absolutely love this.” Delighted by her enthusiasm, I asked her about this patient and why she had said he was difficult. Continue reading

  • Like Having a Baby

    4/2/2014 | Tom Klopack

    parents-babyMy first child was a whirlwind of excitement, anticipation and preparation.  Classes, clothes, paraphernalia, furniture, house modifications, you name it we did it. That nine months flew by and we went to the hospital with a suitcase stuffed full of recommended items including at least a pound of hard candy in case mouths became dry.  It was an exciting time!

    Then, within 24 hours, we were politely informed it was time to go home and, by the way, don’t forget the baby. What a letdown. What an adjustment! The anticipation and preparation, the labor process, all of it was over. The real work, raising a human being (a good human being), was just beginning.  Over the months and years of changes, evolving demands, shifting priorities, and a lot of work, we accomplished this. We raised three decent human beings. Continue reading

  • Empowerment Key to Patient Engagement: A Patient Tale

    3/26/2014 | Shelley Rapp

    stvincent-indianapolisWhile doing rounds on the Ortho unit at St.Vincent Hospital Indianapolis I met a lady from Fort Wayne, Ind., which is about two and half hours away. She was rather young. Probably in her thirties and had just had surgery on her neck.

    We started talking and she told me that she had been in the hospital many times in the past and had a number of surgeries, but she had never seen anything like Skylight CareNavigator and what St.Vincent had to offer. She said it was awesome.

    I started to go over the system a little more and show her some of the options and services available that she had yet to find on her own. While I did this, I glanced at her patient dashboard. It turned out that she had watched ALL her assigned videos! She told me about her notebook and how she would pause the videos to make notes that she could take home. She knew it was a lot to take in that she probably wouldn’t remember everything. If that isn’t a prime example of how empowering patients can create engaged patients, I don’t know what is. Continue reading

  • What it is like to be a patient in a hospital with an IPS

    patient-ipsImagine you are lying in bed. You can’t sleep, but you can’t get up. You look across the room and see a square black thing. It’s a television. Ah, something mindless you can do to entertain yourself and pass the hours.

    You stretch your arm and grab your glasses. As you’ve gotten older your eyesight just isn’t what it used to be. You put them on and then reach to the side of your bed for the remote.

    This isn’t just any remote. It has a big red button on it. You quickly realize that the big red button is to call the nurse. Oh, yes. That’s right. You are in the hospital. Continue reading

  • 5 Things to Consider When Installing IPS Hardware


    By: Christian Loewenstein, director of embedded solutions

    Installing an Interactive Patient Care System can seem complicated and daunting.  If you ask the right questions though, you can simplify your installation and maintenance significantly. And save some headaches! Here are 5 important questions to ask about your IPS hardware: Continue reading

  • Healthcare’s Biggest Changes of 2013

    12/18/2013 | Tom Klopack

    healthcare-costsAs 2013 quickly winds down to a close, aside from wondering where the time went, those of us working in healthcare can look at this year as one of significant changes — some that seemed surprising at the time. For me, there were some big “aha” moments in 2013 and I thought I would share several of them with you.

    • I watched a debate among top ranking Republican and Democratic speakers on the Affordable Care Act. The entire discussion was around the tactics of the roll out, much like the coverage on major news networks. The big “Aha” moment for me was at the same meeting when the CEO of a major IDN was answering questions about clinicians’ acceptance of the major — read unprecedented — changes he was making in operations around efficiency and rationalization. His response was the following: “At first the reaction was that this would go away. Then the Supreme Court reaffirmed it, multiple votes to repeal it were unsuccessful and Obama was re-elected. Our people now believe it is here to stay and we have to change.” Continue reading