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  • Readmission Reimbursements Changes You Need to Know About

    10/22/2014 | Tara Plappert

    Oct. 1 marked the beginning cms reimbursement penaltiesof CMS’s fiscal year 2015 and begins changes to the readmission penalty program. The penalty for excess readmissions increases to 3 percent and two more conditions were added to the program: COPD and total hip arthroplasty/total knee arthroplasty. Continue reading

  • Highlights from Day One of Skylight Client Conference – The Learning Lab

    11/21/2013 | Tara Plappert

    Learning Lab Care TransitionsYesterday’s Learning Lab was a great hit. Every client I spoke with enjoyed learning more about, and seeing in action, the enhancements coming to Skylight CareNavigator. With seven stations, the learning lab featured enhancements across all Skylight products, from CareNavigator Passport to the new CN4 to the inpatient solution. At each station, one thing remained the same — clients were excited! Many discovered new ways to use CareNavigator in their hospital and imagined the impact each could make on the patient experience.

    Along with the new features, functionality, and technology, the Learning Lab was also highly conducive to interaction. The room was just the right size and conversations flowed easily among attendees. As you walked through the room and moved from one station to the next, you could hear ideas being shared and feel thoughts processing as everyone discussed how they could further use CareNavigator to enhance the patient experience, streamline workflow, and drive patient engagement.

    One client commented how he was already thinking about how to position some of the functionality to his colleagues back in Indiana. Over the next day and half, he’ll get plenty more ideas I am sure.

    Want to see photos from yesterday’s learning lab, click continue reading Continue reading

  • Happy Nurses Week!

    5/8/2013 | Lisa Romano

    By: Lisa Romano, RN, MSNHappy Nurses Week 2013

    Held every year from May 6 -12, National Nurses Week honors and celebrates the nearly 3.1 million registered nurses that work to save lives and improve the health of millions. The American Nurses Association (ANA) has selected “Delivering Quality and Innovation in Patient Care” as the theme for this year’s National Nurses Week. Continue reading

  • Patients Driving the Need for Interactive Patient Systems

    12/13/2012 | Lacey Andrews

    keck medical center of USCAt a recent steering committee meeting with Keck Medical Center of USC, a very special guest shared their patient experience. This patient’s feedback became the catalyst that would eventually bring Skylight’s Interactive Patient Care System, CareNavigator™, to Keck Medical Center. Continue reading

  • What is this “Skylight Client Conference” Everyone is Raving About?

    11/28/2012 | Darrell Atkin

    By: Darrell AtkinSkylight Client Conference 2012

    Another successful client conference has come to a close.  More than 200 people attended Skylight’s 6th Annual Conference on Nov. 14-16 at the historic Hotel del Coronado. It was great to see some new faces, catch up with clients and share successes. It was an energizing, informative, and educational 2 ½ days. I wanted to thank all the clients that attended and hope to see those that couldn’t attend next year. Continue reading

  • Who Should Be at the Decision-Making Table When Evaluating IPC Partnerships?

    10/31/2012 | Scott Johnson

    By: Scott Johnson

    There is no debating the escalating adoption of Interactive Patient Care (IPC) solutions as patient engagement quickly becomes a fundamental business requirement. The value based purchasing initiatives that began impacting hospital’s bottom lines on October 1st, 2012 is one of the many reasons why hospitals are identifying patient engagement as a top strategic initiative. Continue reading

  • Top 10 Things to Consider When Evaluating an Interactive Patient Care System

    10/3/2012 | Tom Klopack

    By: Tom Klopack

    Patient engagement and improved patient service is a rapidly expanding trend for modern hospital operations.   These used to be considered nice to haves but with CMS incentives based on patient satisfaction, safety and readmission, they are now must haves for hospitals to remain successful and profitable.  Interactive Patient Care (IPC) systems provide technology that can assist a hospital in developing a successful operation and the culture that supports it, for sustainable excellence.   When choosing an IPC system it is important to understand the total package that a supplier provides. Continue reading

  • A Visit from The Joint Commission Proves the Benefits of an Interactive Patient System

    8/29/2012 | Alex Livesay

    I was overseeing the launch of the Skylight CareNavigator Interactive Patient System at a new children’s hospital in El Paso, TX. As part of Skylight’s all-inclusive support services, our Account Managers typically will stay on-site for at least 3 days to ensure everything goes well after a “go-live” of our system.  After having the system live only 2 days, I was already receiving feedback from the nursing staff that Skylight CareNavigator is a great patient satisfier. The kids love all the movies and, of course, the great selection of games and Internet access. Continue reading

  • Enhancing the Patient Experience through Skylight’s New Radio-Frequency Wireless Keyboard

    6/27/2012 | Peter Briggs

    By Peter Briggs

    After our recent launch of our new Radio-Frequency (RF) keyboard, I visited  one of Skylight Healthcare’s pediatric client hospitals for a training session with Jan, Director of Patient and Family Support Services and three of their Child Life Associates.  The look in their eyes when they first used Skylight’s new wireless RF keyboard was like watching a child open a much-wanted Christmas present.  Jan was completely impressed with the look and feel of the new Skylight keyboard and mentioned that she is going to take it to the Adult Demo at the acute care facility. Continue reading

  • Leveraging Interactive Patient Systems to Curb the Threat of HCAHPS Penalties

    4/4/2012 | Tom Klopack

    Last week there was a very relevant article for hospital management in HCAHPS patient experience scoresFierceHealthcare “Hospitals underestimate threat of HCAHPS penalties”.    It is a wakeup call for any hospital that is not taking steps to improve their HCAHPS scores.   And not just steps, but systemic and sustainable changes in operations to address patient satisfaction over the long term.   The challenge clearly stated in the article is “average performers will not break even on Medicare reimbursements.”  And the situation only gets more challenging over time. Continue reading