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  • 5 Things to Consider When Installing IPS Hardware


    By: Christian Loewenstein, director of embedded solutions

    Installing an Interactive Patient Care System can seem complicated and daunting.  If you ask the right questions though, you can simplify your installation and maintenance significantly. And save some headaches! Here are 5 important questions to ask about your IPS hardware: Continue reading

  • The Patient of Tomorrow: Emerging Consumer-focused Healthcare Technologies

    2/13/2013 | Tony Edwards

    By Tony Edwards

    At the recent The Digital Health Summit in Las Vegas, we saw a growth in the number of devices that the consumer can use to monitor their health. In addition, a recent interview with Eric Topol on NBC (http://youtu.be/uBhIgR-W75I) showed just how useful the information gathered from these devices could be to doctors. Continue reading

  • Online Meal Ordering: Improving the Patient Experience with the Comforts of Home

    As patients become more comfortable with technology at home, they come to expect certain amenities in the hospital as well. Certainly the ability to watch TV and movies, play games and even surf the internet are becoming commonplace in the patient room and now patients are happy to order their meals through the TV as well. Continue reading

  • Real Life Patient Experience with Orthopedic Surgery and Why Gravity Sucks

    2/8/2012 | Don Koenig

    orthopedic surgery patient experienceIt was a gorgeous sunny day in Jamaica. As I enjoyed the tropical scenery (and not paying attention) I slipped and fell injuring my rotator cuff – I needed surgery.

    After getting a second opinion (they said I was ugly too), I selected one of the top Orthopedic Surgeons in Charlotte to do the procedure. The pre-surgery consultation was conducted at his office, a beautiful facility with the latest in computers and diagnostic equipment. However, the pre-surgery instruction packet consisted of two obviously copied pages that told me the following: Continue reading